Beer For Breakfast Jersey Pre-Order Now

We are a bunch of rowdy dirtbags that dabble in mountain and road biking.  Once known as Beer For Breakfast, we morphed into Gigantic Hawk.  Gigantic Hawk had a solid couple of years racing and screwing around in New England and New York.  Sadly, injuries, Lyme, family, babies, jobs, etc have all seemed to get in the way.  


Now is the time for us to start fresh.  For 2015 we will drop the racing aspect, and focus on what we do best, having a good time.  For those of you that still race?  Awesome!  We will still support you fully.  Hell, many of us will still be found putting the pedal down at local races, but there will no longer be any pressure to do so.  The plus to all of this is that the team will now be a club.  This means that anybody who wants to rock the hawk can get a jersey, and some swag.  


Hopefully, preorders will be up this winter for our new jerseys, a new Beer For Breakfast revival jersey, and other crap.  


Want to join in the debauchery?  Find us on Facebook, and check back here for info.